Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is essentially how you grow your businesses reputation online & how you connect with new & existing clients. As more and more people use the internet, the way we shop has changed - meaning traditional offline marketing isn't as effective as it once was.
With the internet being so accesible and always available, digital marketing can make sure your business is in the right place all of the time.

Right Place At The Right Time

Traditional marketing campaigns such as advert placement, mail drops & TV or radio ads can all work to great effect but they can be costly and are very broad when it comes to targeting a specific market.

With more people now using the internet than ever & shopping habits changing, digital marketing can make sure your business is in the right place at the right time - 24/7. 

Using the platforms that best suit your business model, you can target specific keyword searches, demographics, locations & even specific business sectors which helps you target & increase conversion rates.

What is Digital Marketing? One of the benefits is being accessible online 24/7 - The Marketing Rocket - Taunton, Somerset - Wed Design & SEO Marketing Agency
Social Media content cretion to capture & engage with followers - The Marketing Rocket - Taunton, Somerset - Wed Design & SEO Marketing Agency

Engaging & Stunning Visuals

According to research by Microsoft, the average human being now has an attention span of just 8 seconds! That isn't long to grab a users attention before they move on to the next page or social post. Making sure you have all the information condensed down enough that a user wants to click can be a bit of a fine art. Creating visuals that convert is just one form of digital marketing.

Endless Possibilities

Using all forms of digital marketing, the possibilities become endless - you can use email marketing, video, social media & various website-based marketing techniques that will help you improve your conversion rate & grow brand awareness.

Digital Marketing Efforts ARE Rewarded

Over time, search engines like Google create a profile of your business - whether you have a website or not. This information has been found from traditional or online directories & public records.
They use this to provide a better experience for their users & give a better experience for map users. This is nothing to worry about but some of these listings remain dormant even years after a business ceases trading.
This is all part of search engine optimisation - and if Google can see that you are regularly updating your website, GMB & social media profiles you will earn higher search result positions & gain new keywords that your business ranks for.
SEO is an area we specialise in & we offer a free online SEO audit to see how you can outrank your competitors.

Optimising for SEO is necessary to provide an organic boost to your visitor count - The Marketing Rocket - Taunton, Somerset - Wed Design & SEO Marketing Agency

Why Choose Us?


We ensure your website has the features required for your business to succeed online.


Ensure the online safety of your customers with an SSL protection certificate for your website.

WordPress CMS

Your website will use the award-winning wordpress CMS - making it easy to manage your content.


We ensure our designs are optimised to work on across mobile, tablet & desktop.

Anytime Support

We are available by email or phone anytime you require to help you when you need it.

Looking For Something?

Web Design

Single page sites & brochure style websites are a great way to build your online brand & get your message across.


Giving you the ability to sell online. Reach wider audiences & convert those visitors into important sales with Woo.


How do you stay ahead of the competition online? Our SEO services are important to attract more visitors organically.

Marketing Services

From content creation to email marketing & newsletters - ensure you stay in the minds of potential & existing clients.

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