Why SEO Matters

As we we develop through the digital age, more and more small businesses are committing more to their digital marketing. Whether that is through social media, PPC (Pay Per Click), email marketing or SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), it is clear that small business owners are …

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Basics of SEO

In this article I’m going to list some of the actions we recommend should be included within the basics of SEO of any campaign. Of course each campaign is different (based on resource, time, and industry competitiveness) but these factors should all be considered/included: A …

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What is ecommerce?

 What is ecommerce? Ecommerce is essentially the process of buying & selling through electronic transactions – on the internet, through mobile apps & other devices. Whenever you buy or sell online, you’re involved in the ecommerce transaction. Ecommerce in the retail sector is growing at …

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