How To Find The Best Keywords For Your Website

In order to rank on the first page of search engines, such as Google & Bing, you need to map out a keywords strategy relevant to your business & services.

These keywords will then tell Google what search term it should rank your webpage on – but this is totally at Google’s discretion. The quality of the content on that page also has a big part to play in where Google will rank your website.

So How Do You Find The Right Keywords For Your Webpage?

  • Use a keyword planner tool – such as explorer (this tool allows you to perform up to 10 searches per month for free)
  • Think about using long-tail keywords – these are usually a phrase of words or a question that people are searching for. These can be difficult to find but are less populated than a single keyword and still yield high search volumes. They will help you rank nearer the top in the short term.
  • Think about any sub-categories inside your main categories to give you an added SEO boost – These will help your bigger category pages gain more authority in the Google rankings.

We can give you the right tools & consultation you need to find your keywords and boost your domain up the Google rankings to the first page.

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