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Marketing Tips To Help Get More Sales For Your Business

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Marketing Tips To Help Get More Sales For Your Business

Making sure you are getting sales is important for any business. Here are 10 great ways which will help your business marketing.

Get a Website
When you have a website you have the potential of being found in search engines such as Google, Yahoo & Bing. A website is a great way of showing what your business offers including a portfolio of your work and the services you offer.

Make Sure You’re Always Posting on Social Media
Make sure you have at least two of the main three social media networks running: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & I’d also add Google My Business to the list. The easiest part is opening the accounts, however the hardest part is making sure they are all updated on a frequent basis. The last thing you want is a potential prospect visiting your channel to see that you’ve not updated your channel for months. Bonus Tip – If you are struggling for time, you can use a social media auto-scheduling calendar (such as Hootsuite or SocialBee) to post for you across all your social media platforms at various times of the day.

Always Keep Business Cards on You
I’ve approached many businesses asking about their services and some don’t have business cards on them when I’ve asked for one. This is a big mistake as they’ve potentially lost a sale – I probably would of put their business card in my wallet to have a look at on a later date. The number 1 tip of business is therefore making sure you have some business cards on you at all times!

Take Advantage of an Email List
An often overlooked asset of any business is their email list. By building an email list you have the opportunity to market to these customers on an ongoing basis with your latest business news or products. Email addresses are future proof because you need it for everything. Email is a cost-effective way of business marketing.

Regularly Add Content to Your Blog/News Feed
If you have a website then you might have a blog as well. It’s important to keep adding to your blog because it’s a great way to keep your customers in touch with your latest business news. Every time you add to a blog you are also giving Google something else to index in their search engine.

Always Follow Up with Your Prospects
This is important for service based businesses but I’d say it’s really important to followup on your customers or clients. Facts show that most sales happen on the followups and not the initial pitch or quote.

Start a YouTube Channel
A good percentage of businesses these days are making videos and posting on YouTube or Facebook and for good reason – they have very high engagement rates compared to images or text. Unfortunately making a video can be time consuming but you may be doing something unique in your business or may want to show your technique – a video will show this sort of thing in more depth.

Ask for Referrals
Referrals are probably the best ways of getting new clients or work. Simply put make sure you are doing great work for customers & clients. If you do a great job they will recommend you to another person or business. This will give a great boost to your business marketing.
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