SEO Backlinks – The Good & The Bad

When it comes to SEO, one technique that is common practice is backlinking. In a nutshell, backlinks are links back to your site from other websites & forums to give your domain more authority.

This technique has been around for almost as long as we have been searching on Google – but this should be a technique that is approached with caution. Backlinks should be from relevant & clean sources that compliment the your business. Google have been known to penalise websites that have boosted their site unethically by using backlinks from forums & websites unrelated to their website (known as black hat SEO).

Although using unrelated backlinks can provide quick results, SEO is a longterm game and it is something that shouldn’t be rushed. You should spend time looking at where you can gain credible backlinks from that are relevant to your website that will help you in the longrun & ensure Google doesn’t penalise you in the future when they change their algorithms.

Things to remember:

  1. You should be thinking quality over quantity – too many backlinks can become problematic and you may lose full control of where your links are coming from.
  2. Content should be relate-able – links from higher quality sites with content that is relevant to your area of expertise are more valuable by Google than a link from an outdated & unrelated forum.
  3. Spammy backlinks will take up more of your time in the longrun – there will come a time when these links will need to be removed – and unfortunately this is a manual task. You should email the webmaster of the link. Failing that you can use Google’s Disavow Tool.

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