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Basics of SEO

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Basics of SEO

In this article I’m going to list some of the actions we recommend should be included within the basics of SEO of any campaign.

Of course each campaign is different (based on resource, time, and industry competitiveness) but these factors should all be considered/included:

A keyword strategy

Frequency – quarterly

The basic of SEO strategy is choosing the right keywords for your website, and is why it’s the very first thing you should do.

It’s something that will likely take a few hours to complete in detail, and should be performed every 3-6 months.

A landing page strategy

Frequency – quarterly

As with the above, this take is super important and needs to go alongside any keyword strategy as new keywords may entail the creation of new pages.

A content strategy

Frequency – quarterly

Creating new, relevant and fresh content on the website is great for SEO. This can be in the form of new blog content, new FAQ content, new service/product pages, new help content, etc…

Determining in advance the content you’re going to create over the following quarter is key to ensuring the strategy is as successful as possible.

Create a content plan, with pages / blogs to create that fits around your resources & schedule.

A ‘content’ website audit 

Frequency – quarterly

So, once you’ve chosen keywords, pages & content you still need to review the existing site to see if there is:

  1. relevant content for the terms you want to target (if not you’ll need new content)
  2. new opportunities to re-optimise existing content for new keywords
  3. any content that needs to be ‘purged’/updated as it’s harming performance (such as thin content and cannibalising content)

One thing to also look at here – and this could be a sub-deliverable – is how you optimise the copy not just for SEO, but also for conversion, such as:

– is the meta description driving more clicks from Google?
– Can you update it to be more enticing to drive a higher click-through rate?
– is the website copy also enticing potential customers to sign up?

A ‘technical’ website audit

Frequency – monthly

It’s critical that the website can be easily crawled by search engines, if not it can prevent your great content from being properly indexed and ranked!

‘Technical SEO’ is the discipline with regards to ensuring this is the case, and so you need to perform a technical audit of the website. This includes such checks as:
– are there broken / redirected links on the site?
– are there any dead pages?
– are there duplicate pages being generated?
– is the website fast loading

Techincal website audit should be at the core of your SEO basics checklist!

Competitor analysis

Frequency – quarterly

Identifying your clients competitors and reverse-engineering there success is a crucial and effective SEO strategy.

So what do you look for?

  1. Look at their competitors keywords that they rank for (great for identifying new keywords)
  2. Identify traffic channels you might not have known about, such as top referrals (not strictly SEO, but still great for new traffic)
  3. Identify what their content looks like – what can you learn and apply?

Link building

Frequency – monthly/bi-monthly

Active link building is key for any SEO campaign. There are a number of activities you can conduct for link building, including:

  1. Competitor analysis – what are your competitors doing to build links, can you copy?
  2. Directory building – super important for local, but good link building for any website with a location
  3. Creative content outreach – you’ve created a fantastic piece of content, and now it’s time to reach out to relevant websites to host this content and link back to your website

Ask us for advice on how you can build better quality links to your website.

Link audit

If you’ve already done SEO with other agencies in the past you might want to review your backlink profile also to highlight any possibly negative links that could be harming your SEO.

Mobile Audit

Frequency – monthly/bi-monthly

With the majority of Google searches now being performed on mobile devices, and Google moving to a mobile-first stance, it’s more important than ever to ensure your client’s website is ‘mobile-friendly’.

Use tools such as these to test and track mobile performance:
– Google mobile friendly testing tool
– Google search console
– Analytics (review traffic to mobile)


We really hope the above helps! It is by no means a complete list, as SEO is a constantly-evolving game and there are many, many factors involved.

But keeping on top of the above will ensure your website performs as well as possible and you cover all the SEO basics!
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