Email Marketing

Email marketing is a great way keep your clients informed with any latest news, send regular newsletters, re-target customers & promote products.
We will show you ways to grow your email lists and create eye-catching emails that will convert new & existing customers.


Once the initial setup has been completed, staying in contact with your customers can be seamless.

You can use our platform to create & design email that are automatically sent out to your clients on sign up, craft newsletters easily with the drag and drop feature & send regular updates to keep you fresh in your customers' mind & keep them engaging with you.

Email Marketing
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You can also make use of premium features such as;

  • cart abandonment to entice potential customers back to your store
  • behaviourial targeting with trigger emails sent at a specific time period after an action is taken such as sign up or a purchase.
  • Automatic tagging - this assigns users a tag when they sign up that can provide an insight on how customers view your site & will help you use more specific messaging in any follow up emails.

Great For New & Existing Customers

Email marketing is a cost-efficient way of re-targeting existing customers with a relatively small amount of time required to send professional & engaging emails to your whole mailing list. 

You can also use the A B testing feature to track which emails provide the best returns, which will help you take a more focused approach to your marketing campaigns in other areas.

Returning Customers

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SME Businesses

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