Sales Funnels

Do you sell digital or physical goods? Would you like to increase your conversion rate & maximise your sale by increasing your average order value?
Sales funnels can do all this for your business - if done correctly. If you already use PPC or social media advertising, a sales funnel will take your paid advertising to a new level with great targeting & re-targeting opportunities.

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Key Stages of Sales Funnels

  • Awareness - This is initial stage the user visits your website - so making a good impression & giving a clear explanation of your service or product is key here.
  • Interest - If the user found you on Google search or has clicked a link through social media, it is usually because they are interested in this specific product or service - You need content that relates & engages with the user to grow on that interest.
  • Decision - If interested, the user may take a bit more time to see what you offer & view reviews of your business. This is when glowing reviews & maybe a price reduction may help. 
  • Action - By this point, hopefully you have done enough to convert the user into a paying client.
  • Retention - To build a relationship with the client you need to keep them happy & engaged. Sharing emails, special offers & follow-ups are great ways to retain the customer.
Sales Funnel
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Who Uses Sales Funnels?

The answer is most websites use funnels to a degree. The purpose of a sales funnel is to almost direct a user through a specific route on your website and ultimately convert them at the end - think either a sale or an email subscribe. The main purpose of a website is encourage people to produce make an action - whether that is a sale, email subscription or get in contact by email or telephone. The conversion rate of your website comes down to the site layout, speed & quality of content the visitor is seeing.
That's why we think all businesses could benefit from using sales funnels - we ensure the content is on point, the layout is non-distractive & that the funnel is optimised for all devices.

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