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SEO(search engine optimisation) is the practice of increasing the volume & quality of site visitors to your site by achieving higher page rankings for relevant keywords & search terms.
Having a good SEO structure will help your business generate organic leads and target search terms & keywords that are relevant to your business - which, in turn, will boost your site conversion rate.


Traffic visiting your website can come direct from people typing in your web address, a link through social media or blog post and it could come from a consumer searching keywords on a search engine such as Google or Bing. Appearing on the first page of a search engine can seem like an impossible task - you need the knowledge, work out what to do with that knowledge, compete with more established businesses & corporations and constantly seek new trends to stay on top. We can take care & manage your SEO & give you a better understanding of your websites profile.

  • On Page Elements

    We look at your content, short & long tail keyword opportunities & your current writing style.

  • Structured Data

    This is how your website is read by search engines -making sure it is easy to read will improve your SEO.

  • Backlink Profile

    We look at your current backlinks to your website. A good backlink profile will boost your website but there may be some links that are holding you back.

  • Citation Analysis

    Ensuring your business details are identical across directories are great for local SEO.

  • Responsive Across Devices

    Ensuring your website is mobile friendly with fast loading times is a must.

  • Keyword Opportunities

    We analyse your current ranking keywords & any potential keywords that you can 'win' using our SEO tools.

  • Competitor Analysis

    We gather data from your closest competitors so that you can stay one step ahead.

SEO is important for establishing a position on the first page of search engines such as Google or Bing. Contact our office team at The Marketing Rocket in Taunton, Somerset today.

Local SEO

Did you know that 87% of Google searches are people looking for local businesses?

Maps SEO

Making sure you are visible on maps will increase your click through rate up to 120%.

Ecommerce SEO

Have great products to sell? You need people to see them!

Increase Organic Visitors

Over time, all sorts people will visit your website - and the majority of them will find you organically through search engines.
A good SEO plan will improve your visibility on search engines, boost your keyword position & get on the sort after first page on Google and increase the amount of keywords you rank for. We provide useful insights into how google reads & ranks your website, offer advice & look at the data of your competition.

The module follows Google guidelines and adds FAQ schema.

You can drag-and-drop it like any other Beaver Builder module. Then add all your questions with respective answers. That’s it! You can then customize the FAQ section with design settings.

In a module, you will find an option to enable schema support. Once you enable this option, FAQ schema will be automatically added to your page. In case you are using an external plugin to add schema you can keep it disabled.

Want To Know More?

There is no time like the present to get started with SEO and taking control of the profile you create with search engines is a great way to start. We offer a FREE SEO AUDIT that shows you which areas of your website you can improve & what your competition is doing to gain visitors.


Structured Data

Ensuring your websites structured data is optimised for Google to read is key for SEO.


SSL certification is proven to give your website better rankings over non-secure websites.


When it comes to SEO, your content is the single most important aspect. "Content is King"


The ability of your website to work across all devices with quick loading speeds is a must.

Domain Authority

Over time, your domain & pages receive an authority ranking - we make sure they are progressing.

Looking For Something?

Web Design

Single page sites & brochure style websites are a great way to build your online brand & get your message across.


Giving you the ability to sell online. Reach wider audiences & convert those visitors into important sales with Woo.

Marketing Services

From content creation to email marketing & newsletters - ensure you stay in the minds of potential & existing clients.

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