Ecommerce & Online Shop SEO

Selling on the internet through your own online shop isn't as easy as uploading a photo, short description & sticking a price on it.
You need to build a brand & ecommerce structure that focuses on the product. Our online shop SEO plan identifies things like any relevant keywords opportunities, any long-tail keywords you may be able to rank for, your competitors keywords, DA, PA & link structure. We will also look at your website speed, any errors you may have (such as 404 page errors, duplicate content & meta data) & site structure to ensure your website is optimised.

Improve Online Sales

If you have a great product with a fancy new ecommerce website - then make sure you attract the right visitors that are going to purchase.
We analyse the keywords your products are ranking for & provide a clear focus on how to expand the reach of those products. If your product is only ranking for 1 key search term (or worst, none!) then it is like fishing with a one small rod in the atlantic ocean. If your product ranks for many keywords that are relatable to the product, it becomes a much more relevant search for the user and is more like having a group of fishing rods in a lake - significantly increasing your chances of a sale.

Part of SEO in an ecommerce online shop is to analyse current trends & read your analytics to make sure you stay on top - The Marketing Rocket - Taunton, Somerset - Wed Design & SEO Marketing Agency

Paid or Organic?

When creating an ecommerce store, SEO can be the last thing that comes into play. For us, this is something we tend to advise our clients during the build of the benefits of SEO & organic traffic over becoming reliant on PPC & social media advertising - which rely on a constant stream of income.

When it comes to online shop SEO (ecommerce), there are various ways that will help you stand out from the competition & help your products rank on search engines without paying out for advertising.

Hit The Trends

We will read into your current data & do a full competitor analysis to establish what are the latest trends on Google & other search engines in your niche. 

We have dedicated software that will help us create a detailed plan in the development of your ecommerce SEO & ensure you rise up the search engine results.


Structured Data

Ensuring your websites structured data is optimised for Google to read is key for SEO.


SSL certification is proven to give your website better rankings over non-secure websites.


When it comes to SEO, your content is the single most important aspect. "Content is King"


The ability of your website to work across all devices with quick loading speeds is a must.

Domain Authority

Over time, your domain & pages receive an authority ranking - we make sure they are progressing.

Looking For Something?

Web Design

Single page sites & brochure style websites are a great way to build your online brand & get your message across.


Giving you the ability to sell online. Reach wider audiences & convert those visitors into important sales with Woo.


How do you stay ahead of the competition online? Our SEO services are important to attract more visitors organically.

Marketing Services

From content creation to email marketing & newsletters - ensure you stay in the minds of potential & existing clients.

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